Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swim Graduation 2010!!!

It was another successful two weeks of swim lessons this year! Once again Dakota surprised me...she cried just about every day! She did everything we asked of her but always with tears! At one point Leigh asked her if she was gonna cry everyday and her answer was a sobbing "yeah." But Wednesday of the last week she finally stopped crying and was asking to go swimming! Thank goodness! Lerin made so much improvement this year. Her form is a lot better than last year and she can really swim a good ways! Both Robbyn and Dakota could swim off the step, but they would lose their form so we stuck to fingers this year. Next year I think they will master the step though! We were able to barrow an underwater camera that got some great shots of the girls! Hope you enjoy! I don't know how to not get the youtube video to not cut off the right side of the video, it's on the smallest setting but it still cuts it off, so it anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!

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Emily said...

Awww Trish....I can't believe how big ALL those girls are getting! I enjoy reading your blog every now and then! Congrats on the new baby on the way!
Emily (Koen) Stewart