Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Fun

This pic above was Dakota trying to feed the birds some bread. She couldn't understand why they kept flyin away, she expected them to come eat it out of her hands! Such disappointment!

So, the beach was a blast! A long trip there and back, but whole lot of fun in between! Dakota once again was a trooper on the long trips in the car! Don't know why but I always stress about that. Mom road with us so that made things easier! Don't want to go into all the details, but Dakota loved the beach, loved the sand, and loved the water! She is my little fish! "I fwimmin!" shed say, and "I go beach!" It was so much fun to watch her, I only wish Aaron had gone, that would have made the trip perfect! The beach was not bad the first day we got out, just little dime and quarter size clots of oil washed up on the shore. Not everywhere, just here and there. And we didn't smell anything. The second day however, by 11am they weren't letting anyone in the ocean and I kept getting these "whoofs" of this disgusting smell that would come and go. Thinking Dakota had pooped I would check her pants only to discover nothing, and then it hit me, the oil! We didn't go back to the beach after that, we just stayed at the pool or jacuzzi (Dakota's smaller "fwimmin" pool)

Got to see Gran and Pop a few times and that is always good. They love Dakota! If Gran said it once she said it a million times, "She is just a pretty baby girl" Kota got to go out and see Pop's chickens (and eggs) and his wonderful garden. Both Gran and Pop have canes they walk with and Dakota picked up on this right away and wanted one herself, so I don't know why but they had one just her size that she carried around for awhile! All in all it was a good trip, but it is always good to go "HOME JAMES!"

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