Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dakota's New Big Girl Room

So this is what me and Aaron have been working on for the past week, and boy am I glad it is done. We painted and put up trim two Saturdays ago, don't ask me how many times we went back to the paint store because all we heard was "oh yeah this will cover that much." And did it? No. So last week I worked all week on painting the rest of the trim and moving all her stuff over from the nursery. I still need to put some shelves up over her bed for pictures, because there is too much blank space there, but Aaron will have to help me with those and the brown curtain came from her nursery, I need to get a plum purple one, but can't find one that exact color I am wanting. Using that one mainly because it makes the room dark for nap time! I didn't paint the closet door because we have one in the attic with the panels on it that Aaron needs to get down and put up in it's place. So that looks kinda funny for now. Oh, and the blue bed rail has got to go as soon as we get a white one! Other than that it is pretty much finished. Dakota helped us the whole time, with her tools and all. It made the job longer and more difficult, but in the long run I think it helped her process the whole idea that this was going to be her new room and new bed!

Last Friday night was her first night in the new big girl bed. Amazingly, she only cried a little when I left and only woke up once in the night. Ever since then she has been fine and sleeps through the night! It is so funny, she sleeps in the big bed just like she did in her crib, right up against the bed rail. She definitely likes to snuggle against something!I am so proud of her, I really thought this would be much more difficult for her to transition. I guess she really is just getting bigger! Makes me sad in a way, the end of an era!

So here is the room BEFORE pics (basically a blank canvas!)

And here is the AFTER pics


Martha said...

Oh My! I love it! The colors are great. I have one question though....where are her toys?

Donaldson Family said...

Thanks Martha! She doesn't have any:), no, I'm just kidding. Her two bottom drawers have toys and books in them and the pink kitchen has all kinds of play food and pots and pans and tea sets in it, plenty to play with. The office also has a shelving unit in it that has some toys and books in it as well. Don't worry, there is plenty for her to do. Also, this winter, Aaron is going to make her a little desk to attach to a wall in her room where she and her friends can sit and color, draw, puzzles etc.
Miss you guys, thanks for checkin in!

Michael, Brittany, Rylie, and Reagan said...

The room looks so good!! You guys did a great job. We have all the girls toys put up too. Michael can not stand to have things out. I have a small basket of baby toys in the living room and it drives him crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Patricia! Thanks for the sweet comment. I am busy, and I'm really loving it. I didn't know Aaron could cook, that's awesome. We've actually started going back to Park Springs. We've got some really great friendships there and it's a good fit for our family right now. We miss you guys, and hopefully we'll see each other soon. How's the baby? Hope you guys are doing great!