Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Eve

We went to our friend's Mark and Ashley's for the day, they live near Corsicana. They are the ones who have the little boy Mason who is 3 months younger than Dakota. Up to this point he has been a skinny (but tall) little man, well, not anymore! He has become quite the little chunk! I love him, he's so cute chubby! Anyways, Dakota and Mason have hardly gotten to see and play with each other because of the distance between us, but they really surprised me, it was like they were old buds! They just played and played. And they played sooo good together, only one sharing lecture and the amazing part was that they listened and each one played with their side of the toy! It was so cute to watch them play together, it reminded me that Dakota is really at the age of the kids I used to work with, which is amazing to me! Oh, and the cutest thing was what they called each other. Mason called Kota, "KOKO" and Kota called Mason, "Baason," stressing and elongating the "a" sound. Soo cute! We left around 9 and thought Dakota would crash on the way home but oh no all we heard was, "Baason?....Baason?" They loved each other! The next day I called to tell Ashley about our trip home and she said Mason woke up saying, "Koko? Koko?" Here is a slideshow of the day. If you look close in one of the pics sitting on the counter they are holding hands...the best of friends!!!

And here are a few pics I found while uploading the others. They are from October and I love Dakota's morning hairdo?!!!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

O MY GOODNESS! Dakota is too cute. I can't believe how big she is, playing with friends and all. Kind of makes me want to cry! I love her little tennis shoes too. :) Thanks for posting!