Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Our Christmas was a good one this year! So much more fun when children are involved!! Christmas Eve we went to the Christmas Eve service and then headed off to my dad's for dinner and gift exchange. Just about all afternoon it snowed!! I was so excited that we were gonna have a white Christmas!! What are the odds? The pic of me and Kota was before church that night!! It was really coming down! Christmas day we had to wake Dakota up she was so exhausted! Got her up (Grump's did) a little after 8. Everyone was over to see Kota open her gifts from us (which wasn't much, a kitchen and food). I really didn't think she would be that into it, but she just loved opening up her gifts and the look on her face was priceless! She "oohed" and "awed." I loved it! We then went to Nenes' and Grump's for breakfast and do Christmas with them and back to the house to do Christmas with my mom. Busy but one of the best Christmas' in a while!! Here's the pics to prove it!!

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