Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Festival and Update on Me

We all went to the Fall Festival at church for Halloween! Our Sunday school class was in charge of a booth and ohh the endless bags of candy! We were sent home with a big brown Chili's To Go Bag full of candy! It's enough to last 6 months! Dakota was soo cute in her little bumble bee costume and she loved just walking around struttin her stuff. I wanted to eat her up!! She had a blast with her friends, Aunt Morgan, Grumps and Daddy; and crashed when we got home of course even after eating more candy than ever before!

I am doing well! We went to the doctor on Monday and after hearing stories of the same thing happening to other people and them asking for another sono or getting a second opinion, found out their baby was just fine and had a heartbeat and now they have a 20 year old healthy son. Needless to say, that but doubt in my mind so I asked for another sono just to make sure because I wasn't about to take medicine that would clean out a healthy baby! But again there was no heartbeat and it really didn't even look like a fetus anymore, pretty sad, but I know if this hadn't happened I probably wouldn't have had a perfect healthy baby and I am okay with that. Anyways, I have felt perfectly normal throughout all of this, no cramping or bleeding. My doctor was concerned that if we waited to long we run the risk of an infection, so I asked for this week to see if my body would respond and if it didn't I would start taking meds on Friday. This whole time I have just been asking God to let my body do it's job, because I don't know what it is but I don't like taking medication for anything really! Well, Tuesday evening my body started to work (I know it's weird but I was truly excited about this), although after yesterday I was still a little worried because I don't think my body had really kicked in, but this morning it did and it's doing it's job well! I am so, so thankful God answered my prayers!!!!! (Sorry for those of you if this is too much information, I tried my best to tone it down!)

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Cliff and Jessica said...

I love, love, LOVE, the pics of Dakota in her costume. So cute!!