Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Mexico!

Aaron, Dakota and myself left this past Friday morning headed to New Mexico to Mimi and Bipaw! In all these years they have been out there we had not been to see them, but we finally made! I was glad to know that some of their other grandchildren have not been either, we weren't the only ones!!! I was worried about the nine hour trip up there with Dakota, I don't know why I do this for every trip we take! And much to my surprise every time she does beautifully! We ate snacks, "naks" as Dakota calls them, read lots of books, and practiced some words and learned a few new words. She now calls her book of colors "yeyow"(yellow). We look at this book all the time and I ask her to say the different colors but I get nothing! Well this was one of the books on our trip and all of a sudden she just starts to repeat every color I say, but her favorite one to say I guess is "yeyow!!!" and therefore the new name for that book is YEYOW! She is so cute! She also learned to say Mimi and Bipaw, also so adorable the way she says it!
Mimi and Bipaw loved this!!

Anyways, they had some chili and guacamole ready for us Friday night when we got there, which was delicious! Then Saturday they took us to see the church which was not what I was expecting but it looked really cool, kinda like church in a barn is what it looks like from the outside but the inside is a beautiful country church with a cool baptism!! We then went to the Christmas Jubilee they were having at the convention center, Mimi was not thrilled that Bipaw was with us. You know, she likes to look and take her time, whereas Bipaw likes to socialize and be done! Anyhow, we did get to look and we ate lunch there! It was fun. We also went to Tanner's Tradition (I think this is the name of the place) where Bipaw bought me a pair of earrings, they are beautiful and green so I will wear them often! He also got Dakota a little bracelet (which she loves wearing her bracelets) at the Christmas Jubilee. Tanner's Tradition had a booth set up there! Sunday was a busy day (well, it was supposed to be). We went to church, got there early so Mimi could set up for her Sunday School class. Bipaw was on stage leading worship, practice I guess! Well, since we had been there the day before Dakota thought she could just walk up on stage where everyone else was! She was a hoot, she just pranced around in circles (this is her way of dancing, yes, I know, dancing in the church, gasp!!) Then she would crawl down the steps all to do it again! Church was nice, it was good to hear Bipaw preach again, I always enjoy that! Dakota went with Mimi to her class and they made pilgram hats from cookies and other goodies, which me and Aaron ate!!! YUM! After church we went to the Inn of the Mountain gods to eat lunch, buffet style! Mimi did not go because she was getting ready for a baby shower, someone from work. Me and Kota were supposed to meet her there but lunch just did us in and we were exhausted! Monday Mimi went to work and Bipaw needed to clean out his office at church so we took Dakota down town and walked around the shops, had some hot chocolate, and threw rocks in the creek! Met Mimi and Bip for lunch, steak tacos at, well, I can't remember the name of that place now, anyways, it was good! After naps Bip took us to the lookout on the mountain, it was amazing! That night we had left overs and Bip put on a pot of beans, mmmmm,,, my favorite!! We learned to play this card game called Golf, it was a fun little game! Mimi won, I got second! And Tuesday morning after breakfast we hit the road to come home! It was a very nice, relaxing visit! We had breakfast every morning (not cereal or a piece of toast, I'm talking a full blown breakfast with fruit and everything) which was a nice change, I know Aaron enjoyed that considering I don't get up at 2am to fix him breakfast before work, I'm a horrible wife! I told Aaron on our way home I feel like when I go up to the mountains I get bloated and not missing a meal doesn't help things (don't get me wrong I like eating breakfast but since I don't on a regular basis my body isn't use to it), anyways, I told I felt like I was deflating as we continue our trip down to flat land! The windmills are really cool and we pass through a lot of cotton country! Good trip, Good times!! Thanks Mimi and Bipaw!! Love you!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

I love the pictures! What an adorable neice I have!

And about your post on my blog. I have definitely considered going witht he black and white look. I am just concerned it won't look good with the brown armoire int here and all of the brown trim etc. It is definitely still an option. Thanks!