Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I know most of you probably already know this but I'm posting to make it official! That's right Kota is going to be a BIG SISTER!!! I couldn't decide if I wanted to post the video or the pics and I tried last week but the pics were too small to read what it said on Kota's shirt, so here it is. We went to see Dr. Z last Thursday, however, I didn't get to see Dr. Z. She has a new partner now so I will be seeing both of them throughout my pregnancy. Didn't like this chic as much as Dr. Z but who can top Dr. Z. She is just younger and not as experienced as Z and not as personable, but she made me feel good about the possibility of a VBAC, so that was nice. Anyway got to see the little jelly bean and the heart beat. From the tool they use to find your due date I'm supposed to be 8 weeks (well prolly 9 weeks now), but the sonogram measured the baby at 6.5 weeks. Not unusual, we always measure small, but she wants me to come back next Wednesday for another sono. She told me it was so they could better determine a date, but I think they just want to make sure the baby is growing! I had a rough Saturday two weeks ago and got sick once that day (prolly cause I didn't eat anything!) but since then I have been a lot better, just tired and easily exhausted! Dakota had a rash break out around her mouth on Monday morning and it has slowly spread to her arms and legs hands and feet. Haven't called the doc yet cause I think it's just an allergy but if it doesn't clear up or start to go away I'll call tomorrow. Anyways that's what's going on at the Donaldson Household! The pic below is one of all three girls pregnant(different stages of course!)for the first and last time because the next day Leigh had Aleigh!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

yay! yay! yay! glad you posted. makes me even more excited about it all. 2010 here we come! best year ever i'm expecting, Lord willing. anway, i love ya'll and i'm glad you got to have sonogram so early. that's so fun!