Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?!

Yes, that is what my daughter has! Haven't had a doc confirm it but I'm about 99% sure that is what it is. Okay, first ringworm now this, why can't she get regular sicknesses like every other kid!!!! With her loss of appetite, fever, rash on mouth, feet, and hands that turn to blisters pretty much confirms it! I feel so bad for her, the internet said these blisters (ulcer like) go all the way down her throat, thus causing her to not want to eat anything except cereal, bread, eggs and milk!! Poor baby, but I read it's a viral disease and there is nothing the doc can give her except motrin to relieve the fever, so I'm not wasting $40 for the doc to say, "yep it's hand foot and mouth." It is looking better today though and I can tell she is feeling better so I think it's down hill from here!!

Here is the sonogram photo of our newest baby!


Cliff and Jessica said...

Poor baby! She sure is adorable though! Thanks for posting an update. I sure hope she gets to feeling better. Love ya'll

Michael, Brittany, Rylie, and Reagan said...

I can't believe it!! That is so exciting. That is cool you are were pregnant at the same time, even if just for a couple of weeks.