Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Air Show

This past Sunday we took Dakota to the Air Show for the second time! My sister and her fiance went with us and we had a good time! Mostly enjoyed eating all the non-healthy, but terrific food!!! I think we told Dakota once what the things in the sky were and that's all we heard the rest of the day, "yane, yane!," pointing her little finger towards the sky! She was so cute and I really think she enjoyed every minute of it! I tried strolling her around to get her to fall asleep, but that didn't work, too much going on! We left before the Blue Angels because Dakota wouldn't keep her ear muffs on for the F-16 and we didn't want her to go deaf, so we packed up and headed out around 3pm. We had been there since 9:45/10. Needless to say, she crashed before we even exited the place and stayed asleep til we returned home!! Good memories!!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

How fun! I love that she's copying your words. I can imagine how cute her version of plane is. :) Love you all!