Friday, May 21, 2010

My Baby Girl

I can't believe my baby girl has a pony tail!! It makes her look like a little girl, when all I want is for her to stay my baby! No, I love watching her grow and learn, but at times I do miss my baby! Some of these pics were pics for her birthday invitation that I didn't use but couldn't help sharing, cause she is just adorable! She is such a poser now! I was able to tell her to do something and she would copy me, but as soon as I went to grab my camera to shoot it she would stop doing it! It was pretty comical. If you are wondering what happened to her eye, I can explain. Beginning Sunday she had a stuffy nose and her eyes began to have "goo" in them constantly, so being OCD as I am, I continually wiped out her eye, enough to rube it raw underneath! I felt so bad but I can't stand to see that stuff in her eye! Anyways, there is no more "goo" and the raw part is starting to heal! That's my story! Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Anonymous said...

She looks so cute with her pig tails! Can't wait to see you guys at church. Have a great weekend.