Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recent Events

Just wanted to update you all with some new pics I took with my new camera. I got a Canon EOS 5D and it is awesome, I love it. I don't know why blogger always seems to darken my photos, but they aren't this dark on my computer! Aaron is working all the time it seems between UPS and mowing, but we are surviving! Dakota is took her first steps last Friday! So exciting, but so sad for me!! My baby is growing up! But she is so much fun! This week we are finishing up swim lessons, which she is loving! She loves the water! I can't believe how well she is doing along with Lerin and Robbyn. Lerin is finally reaching and Robbyn is finally opening her eyes and they can both dive in head first, with my help of course! They are all doing so good! Aaron, Dakota and I went to lake last Monday with our neighbor Tim. He taught Aaron how to wake board, so I included a few of those photos. Aaron loved it, he says he wants to go more to get a work out because he was feeling it the next day!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

First of you have NO excuse to not post more photos of that sweet baby and your family because you have a new camera.

Second of all...I'm so jealous right now that ya'll got to go to the lake.

And third of all...I'm so proud of Dakota for walking AND swimming. :) Wish I was there to see it all with my own eyes.

I love you.