Thursday, July 9, 2009

Latest Piece of Work

This is my latest work that I'm pretty proud of! I took the photos and did the rest in the computer, nothing was scanned in. The twins are turning one in August and I agreed to make their party invitation for them! The picture of both of them together is going to be on the back of the invitation. For those of you that got Dakota's party invitation, I also made that one! Anyways, I am really blessed that God has given me this wonderful ability of making art, I just wish I knew how to market it so I could start making some money!!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

Trish those are precious! I just love the pictures of the girls. I am always blown away by how different those two look! I'll pray you figure out a way to make some money. Just wait till we have some kids and I'll be paying you to come visit me and take pictures all of the time! Love you and hope you have a good day.