Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dakota's 1st Day of Pre-School

I dropped Dakota off at Mrs. Talley's this morning for the first time! She was so excited, can you tell?! She has been talking about this the entire summer. "When am I going to Ms. Talley school?" No, I didn't cry! Everything happened so fast I barely got a picture of her and I didn't get a smoochie either! That's okay though, I know she is having a good ole time! The pic above is at the little school and the ones below are before we left the house! She informed me that she needed a sweater cause it looked like winter outside! She's a hoot! Ugh, the past few days here have been sooo nice! It's cool outside and it feels so refreshing to step outside and not start sweating immediately! Feels like fall, but I think it's only to tease us!


ashley said...

I can't believe she is in pre-school already!! She is getting so big! So proud of you for not crying. Hopefully you and Denver can get lots of quulity bonding time while Dakota is in school!

Cliff and Jessica said...

I love that little smug grin. She knows she's such a big girl!! Thanks for sharing. And I am so glad you got to see your aunt, grandmother and cousin!! What fun!

The Callender's said...

I love that our family is still sending kids to Mrs. Talley's! I have some vivid memories of pre-K there! She is beautiful, Trish! Love you!