Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swim Lessons

Another year of swim lessons has come and gone! The kids did excellent! Hardly any crying! Yay! Denver shocked me, most of the time he is a little baby when it comes to taking things away from him, accidentally hurting him, etc...he just cries and cries as if the world is ending! I really thought he would scream the whole first week, but surprisingly he didn't! I don't even think he cried the second day! He was too cute, we would hold him in the water and he would just a kick those legs, but as soon as his head went under that was it, no movement! But, by the end of the first week he started pedaling under water! I was a proud momma! It didn't even phase him going under the water, it never bothered him! Dakota did awesome as well, she can swim off the step and back, dive, jump, get rings, the works! On graduation day she even attempted to dive in and swim straight to the step instead of going to Leigh first! I am so proud of them!

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