Thursday, July 21, 2011

4th of July Fireworks

We took Dakota to see fireworks this year and boy did she have a blast! We went with my dad and Denise and her two grandkids, Chase and Madison. Dakota played with Chase until the show started. We had some "pops" you know those things you throw on the hard ground and they pop. The kids had fun with those, Dakota didn't always throw them down hard enough so she would stomp on them, it was hilarious to watch! We were far enough away that it wasn't that loud, but Dakota must have sensitive little ears cause she plugged her ears the entire time! She does quite often really! Any little loud noise and her hands are over her ears! But she really enjoyed watching the show! Denver did too! I almost had him asleep and then it started and he perked up and just watched the whole thing! I had made a peach cobbler, so we took the cooler with ice cream and had a yummy dessert!

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