Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Denver's First Foods and More

I can't believe Denver is already eating cereal, but I couldn't hold him back any longer! And this just goes to show he was ready. I mean he was like, "Mmm...where has this been all my life!" Sadly to say he still won't sleep through the night, he does on occasion and I try to think what I did differently that day but come up with nothing! Oh well, we'll get there one day. He is sitting up so much better by himself now and only occasionally tumbles over. Dakota is now a professional pottier! I'm so proud of her, she really is doing great and in the video you can see how excited she is to have her very own "panty party!" If you don't know this already, I tried the potty thing with her when Denver was about 2 months old and needless to say my attempt failed! Got some advice from Jenny and started again March 23rd. I started her out in her birthday suit the first day so she would understand nothing was going to be there to catch anything! It was so funny and cute to see her make a "b" line to the bathroom, when you gotta go, you gotta go! To my amazement she did wonderfully, only accidents were in the bathroom when she just couldn't get her pants down fast enough! I have not (knock on wood) had to clean out any poopy undies yet! And most of the time she just goes without even telling me!

After this he really acted like he didn't like it, the taste of it! So weird, anyway Dakota never liked cereal either and I went straight to oatmeal so I did the same with Denver last night and he did seem to like the taste of it better, he really smacked on it longer and he ate all of it which he wasn't doing with the cereal. Playing the game of figuring out what he wants and doesn't want!

This video is of Dakota making Denver laugh. She is the best at getting him to laugh continuously, although I have yet to catch the good laughing on video, but this is a little taste!

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Cliff and Jessica said...

That is the cutest video ever! He loves his food! Cliff and I cracked up when Dakota said, "a panty party?" and them was like ,"o." lol!!! Love y'all!