Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Pics!!

It was a tough Easter for me this year. I still was not feeling up to par from being sick, just no energy and scared of eating too much! I was not prepared. I didn't have a basket or candy for Dakota and I really wanted to do that for her this year! Aaron got up early and made a trip to Walmart to get her a basket and candy only to find that the Easter candy at Walmart was GONE! He had to go the regular candy isle and found her some gummy lifesavers, along with that he got a huge stuffed bunny and a little basket hoop (that sticks to the wall) and ball. At least he tried, and she does play with the basket and ball! Anyways, we made it to the early service at church and then headed over to mom's for lunch. And boy did she have a spread: Pork Loin, dirty rice, squash casserole, bacon wrapped green beans and rolls. It all looked and smelled wonderful! I only ate one helping of squash casserole and one wrapped green bean, but oh how I wanted more just didn't want my stomach to get upset! I was pretty much useless! Mom and Morgan had gotten her some eggs and hid those for her along with a few other goodies! Thank you Mom and Morgan for doing all that you did for her, if it wasn't for y'all she wouldn't have had a very good Easter at all. I know this is the least of importance when it comes to Easter but I really wanted her to have something to enjoy.

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Laura said...

Dakota is so beautiful, Patricia. Can't wait to see the next one!

I thought that you took your blog down. I kept looking for the old one and couldn't find it. I have been so encouraged by the spiritual growth I have "seen" in you through your blog. :) Glad to have found you again. I love you. Please give my love to Aaron and Dakota. Love, Laura