Friday, July 10, 2009

Swim Lessons (Graduation!)

So, we've been doing swim lessons for the past two weeks and today was graduation. It started out Lerin, Robbyn, Dakota, and Laurie's twins Morgan and Makinze. Starting a week late, because we were taking turns being sick the first week. After the first day I was disappointed that Dakota didn't do as well as I thought she would because she just loves the water. When she was put underwater she stiffened her whole body!! Legs went straight up out of the water! It was pretty comical. However, by the end of last week, she was holding on to the kick board herself and pedaling, swimming to fingers, and swimming to the rope, and the only time she cried was when it wasn't her turn.I guess my expectations were a little high for the first day!! Lerin and Robbyn did excellant! Lerin swims to fingers off the step and Robbyn was probably the best kicker we had! They both were diving too!! Off the diving board and underwater for rings!! Morgan and Makinze did not like swim lessons and we were surprised to see them still crying at end of last week, little did we know that they both had ear infections!! Poor babies! They weren't acting right over the weekend so Laurie took them to the doc and ear infections for both! Needless to say they weren't able to finish the lessons with us. Hopefully, we will still be able to work with them over the summer!
So here is a few videos from graduation and a few photos. Don't know where the lines came from other than direct sun in the lens. Leigh bought a disposable underwater camera that she used today to get some cool shots under the water, so as soon as I get some of those I will post them as well!!!


Cliff and Jessica said...

What fun!!! They look great. :) And Robbyn was kicking all over the place with that kick board. Thanks for the pics and videos.

Michael, Brittany, Rylie, and Reagan said...
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Michael, Brittany, Rylie, and Reagan said...

I can't believe how good she is doing! That is awesome.