Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trip to Florida

We (Dakota and I), flew to Florida to pick up this car my Uncle gave us. We stayed a week with my Aunt Beth at her river house, which was so beautiful. Dakota loved the water as you can see! We got to go out on the boat to a place called shell island and ate lunch there. It was so much fun! Kota had exhausted herself by the time we got there, but she woke up and ate with us. My brother, T.W., was there for the weekend with us and he watched Dakota and Harper, my aunt's granddaughter, while me and Aunt Beth went kayaking for an hour. That was a lot of fun and a workout, wish we could have gone longer but it was just T.W. with the two girls! Anyways, we had a blast in the Florida sun and then we drove to Mobile, Alabama for my Pop's 90th Birthday! Mom flew in Thursday to drive back with us but Aaron surprised us and came with Morgan and Melvin. Got to hear some great stories of the past from my Pop and Gran just went on and on about 'Little Aaron' aka Dakota, she is so sweet, my Gran!

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