Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful Light!

While Aaron was attempting to be an artist, I did notice the wonderful natural light yesterday morning and we got some really good pics!


Cliff and Jessica said...

Thanks for posting guys! Trish I love that first pic of you and Dakota. She looks so sweet. and that one of her with Aaron where she is making that face, she looks just like him!

My guess is his is the close up...not sure but maybe. Which one is his artsy work??

This blog is so fun! I love ya'll. I hope you had a great weekend.

OneHotDish said...

Hi Trish, glad you're blogging so we can see how Dakota is growing!
Tell Aaron not to quite his day job. :)
Hope things are going well and you're staying healthy. Have a great week!

Dom and Luke said...

I'm so happy you've started this. I can't believe how big Dakota is and smiling!!! I can't wait until Thanksgiving. Hopefully it won't be that long before I see you again. Love ya'll!